5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories

5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories–So you bought an Instant Pot? Yay for you! You can get cooking right away. But some Instant Pot recipes ask for special equipment or different items. Here are a few items that you can find at the Dollar Tree in your neighborhood. What are your favorite Instant Pot accessories?

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5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories

5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories

Don’t you just love the dollar store? Our Dollar Tree has a bunch of useful items. If you haven’t read 6 Things You Should Be Buying at the Dollar Store yet you may want to! Today I went to Dollar Tree looking specifically for items I could use with my Instant Pot. Here’s what I found:

1. Binder Clips

You can find these in the office supply section of the store. Why would you need a binder clip you ask? Have you ever noticed that when you stir stuff in the Instant Pot the inner liner pot spins around and around?

5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories

You can see what I’m talking about in the first few seconds of this video:

To get better “traction” while stirring get a big binder clip and clip the inner pot to the outer pot. Here’s a picture illustrating how to do this:

5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories

It works really well to keep the pot in place and you can stir much easier!

2. Foil

Foil comes in handy for all sorts of recipes in the Instant Pot. For my desserts I usually cover them with foil (like this carrot cake)  so liquid doesn’t drip onto them. I also make a foil packet for my peppers when I make fajitas so they don’t get mushy.

5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories

In addition, I use use foil to make a foil sling. A sling is perfect when cooking pot in pot recipes. It allows you to lift out the bowl/dish that is inside your Instant Pot. Here is a photo to illustrate how a foil sling works:

5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories

3. Stainless Steel Bowl

I found this little stainless steel bowl that fit inside my Instant Pot. I like to use this bowl for pot in pot rice, as explained by This Old Gal. 

5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories

You may want to bring your Instant Pot inner pot into the store to make sure the stainless steel bowl will fit! Don’t feel awkward, I did it!

4. Flour Sack

I make yogurt almost weekly in my Instant Pot. I like to make 2% Greek yogurt. It is so creamy. Every morning for breakfast I’ll eat berries and yogurt and granola. It’s my favorite! To strain my yogurt I use these flour sacks.

5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories

I get a glass bowl and set my colander on top (you can buy a colander at the dollar store too). Then I place two layers of flour sacks on top. I scoop the yogurt into the colander (on top of the sacks) and let the yogurt strain for a couple of hours. It works perfectly and then I just toss the towels into the laundry.

5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories

5. Scrubbing pads

I love using these green scouring pads to clean out stuck-on-food out of the bottom of my Instant Pot. They work great and there are 5 in a package.

5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories

If the bottom of your pot is cloudy I recommend buying Bar Keepers Friend. Use one of these green scouring pads, a little of the Bar Keepers Friend and a little water and scrub. Your pot will come out looking shiny and new. I couldn’t find Bar Keepers Friend* at my Dollar Tree, but I swear I’ve seen it there before. It’s at Walmart for about $2.00.

5 (Dollar Store) Instant Pot Accessories

Like Amazon Better?

Don’t want to venture out of the house? I’m totally with you most of the time! Online shopping is so convenient. Here are my favorite Instant Pot accessories that you can buy from Amazon:

Pyrex container* for pot in pot cooking

Corningware* for pot in pot cooking like this lasagna

Fat Daddios 7 inch by 3 inch cake pan* for pot in pot cooking and baking (like these boxed brownies)

Digital Scale* for measuring all my foods, especially meats and pasta (I can never estimate how much pasta I’ll need)

Steamer Basket* for steaming vegetables and making hard boiled eggs

Instant Read Thermometer* for making sure meats are at the correct temperature

Trivet* for getting meats up off the bottom of the Instant Pot and many other uses such as pot in pot cooking (like this meatloaf)

Bundt Cake Pan* for making desserts like pumpkin chocolate chip bread

What Pressure Cooker Do You Use?

I use a 6 quart Instant Pot Duo 60 7 in 1*. I love this Instant Pot because it has the yogurt making function which I use almost weekly.  It has two pressure settings (high and low), and there are also little slots in the handles so that you can rest the lid there instead of putting it down on your counter-top.

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